Benefits of Dental Implants

When a tooth has to be extracted, it is important to replace it, so that the continuity of the arch of teeth is maintained. Even one missing tooth can cause irreversible damage over time.

In many cases, the best choice is to build the missing tooth on a dental implant – a titanium screw that a dentist places in the jaw bone. If the size (height, width or both) of the bone is not sufficient to completely house the implant, it is necessary to build more bone. This can be done either during the same procedure or as a preparatory step before implant placement.

This is where OSSIX® regenerative solutions play an important role. OSSIX® Plus is a collagen membrane, designed to cover the space where the missing bone needs to grow. It is placed as a barrier, to isolate the area of missing bone from the soft (gum) tissue and allow hard (bone) tissue to grow. The way it is done is by placing a bone substitute — such as OSSIX™ Bone — that occupies the space under the OSSIX® Plus membrane enabling bone cells to build new bone. Other procedures might not even need a membrane. In such cases, the clinician can just use OSSIX® Volumax to build extra volume (both soft and hard tissue) or just OSSIX™ Bone, without a membrane, before dental implants are placed. And what’s interesting about all these products is that they are all powered by the same core technology called GLYMATRIX® which is backed by scientific data and clinical experience worldwide.

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