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This Clinical Library includes references for scientific research covering GLYMATRIX core technology and OSSIX products, including publications and e-posters presented at major conferences. Please contact us if you have study data to be included here or would like to conduct additional studies.

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  • PR590: Preliminary data upon μCT analysis indicate benefits in placing ribose crosslinked collagen materials across extraction socket compared to native collagen membranes in beagles

    Friedmann A, Fischer K, Dalloul M, Yildiz MS, Kauffmann F, Fickl S. J Clin Periodontol. 2018;45(S19):321. doi:10.1111/jcpe.592_12915.
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  • PR544 5A double blind randomized clinical trial to examine changes in vestibular depth, keratinized mucosa dimensions and alveolar ridge volume following extraction with socket preservation

    Hong H, Chen J, Kim D, Machtei E.  PR544:  J Clin Periodontol. 2018;45(S19):305. doi:10.1111/jcpe.546_12915
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  • Mostly showmanship – or a treatment approach with predictable benefits? Healing of deliberately exposed membranes after tooth extraction

    Friedmann A. EDI Journal. 2017:13(3):64-69. ISSN 1862-2879.
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  • Socket preservation procedures revisited: a randomized controlled trial to evaluate dimensional changes with two different surgical protocols

    Hong HR, Chen C-Y, Kim DM, Machtei EM. ePoster P79. Presented at the Academy of Osseointegration Annual Meeting 2018. Los Angeles, CA. March 1, 2018.
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  • Alveolar ridge augmentation and ossification of thick vs. thin sugar cross-linked collagen membranes in a canine l-shape defect model

    Zubery Y, Goldlust A, Bayer T, Woods S, Jackson N, Soskolne A. [Oral Communication – Basic Research] Presented at the European Association for Osseointegration Annual Meeting, Paris, France 2016. Abstracts of the EAO Congress, Paris, France, 29 September – 1 October 2016. 2016;27(S13).  
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