Clinical Procedures

These are just some of the GBR & GTR procedures utilizing
Datum Dental’s OSSIX regenerative solutions – watch the videos

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  • OSSIX Plus Membrane in GBR & GTR Procedures - Video Tips

    Useage & handling of OSSIX Plus ossifying barrier membrane in GBR & GTR procedures
  • Achieving Lost Volume

    Brief examples of how to achieve lost volume with OSSIX Volumax: implant surgery - missing buccal bone; second stage implant surgery - residual dehiscence; implant surgery - vertical bone deficiency; second stage implant surgery - buccal dehiscence; also socket preservation using OSSIX Plus - Dr Mirela Feraru
  • Lateral Ridge Augmentation - Video Case

    OSSIX Volumax in Lateral Ridge Augmentation - Dr Yuval Zubery, DMD, periodontist
  • Atrophic Maxillary Reconstruction Combined with Immediate Loading - Video Case

    Atrophic Maxillary Reconstruction Combined with Immediate Loading using OSSIX Volumax - Prof Ziv Mazor, periodontist
  • Maxillary Arch Reconstruction - Video Case

    OSSIX Products in Maxillary Arch Reconstruction - OSSIX Plus, OSSIX Volumax, OSSIX Bone

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